Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF):

This ministry differs from a 'sunday school' model in that it's goal is spiritual growth through Bible Study as well as community & prayer. ABF runs on 8-week modules, three times a year. Our current classes include:

Teen Bible Fellowship: Christology, the study of Christ throughout the Bible. Open to all 7th-12th graders.
    Taught by Juan Soler
    7onFirst House

66-Bible Survey: a brief overview of the entire Bible by book. This class is open to all.
    Taught by Scott Sgambato
    Upstairs classroom

Systematic Theology (by Wayne Grudem): Learning what the entire Bible has to say about core topics. This class is open to all men.
    Taught by Blaine Harvey
    Upstairs back classroom

Hebrews: Purpose, Perspective, & Process of Hebrews broken down. This class if open to all women.
    Taught by Liz Huisjen
    Upstairs front classroom

Hebrews Survey: Verse by verse study in lecture style class. This class is open to all.
    Taught by Dave Bernard
    Fellowship Hall

For more information on any of these groups please email: