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Adult Bible Fellowship & Kids Club are cancelled today, 
March 10, 2019. Worship Service will be held as usual at 10:45

It’s that time of year when we need to start thinking about what to do with our services on weekends of inclement weather!

Because we are a church that attracts attendees from all over Fulton and Montgomery county, it can be difficult to navigate making a decision in the best interest of everyone who attends. So we base our decision on Broadalbin and the immediate surrounding area itself. Also, we make an effort to have a decision to cancel our services announced by around 7:00 A.M. on a Sunday morning since some volunteers arrive as early as 7:30 A.M.

When we do have to cancel Sunday morning services, there are various outlets in which you can get that information:

  1. There will be announcement posted to the top of our Website's HOME page.

  2. There will be an announcement on our church Facebook page (if you haven’t “liked” & "followed" us on Facebook yet, we encourage you to do so!)

  3. Lastly, many of you have given us your email address (if you’re on a volunteer team, have a child in our BBC Kids’ program, partner with our missions prayer requested, etc), and we will be sending out an email to those for whom we have it. Click HERE to sign up for notifications of Service or Program Cancellations.

A slight disclaimer: Due to the unpredictability of exact weather conditions and outcomes, please understand that a “bad call” might be made one-way-or-another. (i.e. cancelled when we didn’t need to, or failed to cancel when we probably should have.) We will do our best to make the wisest judgment call we can, as we don’t take the cancellation of church lightly. 

Thank you for your help and your prayers as we embrace all of the joys of ministering in Upstate New York! 

Pastor Rob