History of the Broadalbin and Mayfield Baptist Church

The Baptists were probably the first Christian Society to lay the permanent foundation for a place of religious worship in Broadalbin. The Revolution had been terminated and the dangers of Indian and border warfare had passed. The resettlement of Broadalbin had begun. It was in the midst of such an era of development that the foundations of a church were made.

An historical marker on the Mayfield-Gloversville highway marks the location of the home Caleb Woodsworth, where on, October 18, 1792, a church organization was made under the name of "The Baptist Church of Mayfield and Broadalbin. Here a number of delegates from North Galloway Baptist Church convened to hear the request of a number of members in Jesus Christ to be "feloshipt" as a church in gospel order. After gaining an acquaintance of the adoption, gifts, and qualifications of the applicants, they voted to grant organization of a church. The first pastor was Elder Jonathan Finch.

As was the custom in early times, in the absence of any stated house of worship, the services were held in the homes of the members - sometimes in barns and sheds. The first house of worship was completed in 1798 but eight more years passed before it was equipped with permanent pulpit and seats. This building served until 1833 when a larger meeting house was built It was dedicated in 1835. This building was destroyed by fire on November 18, 1877. Following this the present brick edifice was built and dedicated in 1878. The church was reincorporated in 1879 under the-state law governing religious organizations as the "Baptist Church of Broadalbin and Mayfield."

In 1912 extensive repairs were undertaken and the entire interior of the building was remodeled. At that time a pipe organ was installed. Upon completion of these improvements, the church was rededicated May 28, 1914.

In May 1936, the church voted to withdraw from the Northern Baptist Convention, the New York State Convention, and the Saratoga Association. In 1942 the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the church was celebrated with a week of special services. On, January 5, 1943, the church declared itself in fellowship with the "General Association of Regular Baptist Churches North," and the "Empire State Association of Independent Baptist Churches."

On, April 16, 1961, a dedication service was held to mark the construction of a two story addition to the church. The new facilities contain Sunday School classrooms, nursery library, restrooms, church office and pastor's study. In November of 1967 and 1972 the 175th and the 180th anniversaries of the church were marked by special services. In November of 1992 the church celebrated it's 200th anniversary with the theme, "To God be the Glory".


Rev. J. Finch 1792

Rev. Hezediah Gorton 1795

Rev. Jonathan Nichols 1813

Rev. Wm. Groom 1818

Rev. James Delaney 1837

Rev. WM. Curtis 1838

Rev. Ludowick Salisbury 1842

Rev. G.C. Baldwin 1842

Rev. H.H. Rouse 1843

Rev. Charles E. Chandler 1844

Rev. Wm. H. Smith 1849

Rev. Wm. Garnett 1852

Rev. E. Wescott 1855

Rev. G.W. Abrams 1856

Rev. Frederick S. Park 1857

Rev. Joseph L. Barlow 1863

Rev. W.F. Benedict 1869

Rev. Hardin Wheat 1873

Rev. J.K. Wilson 1874

Rev. A.K. Bachelor 1875

Rev. R.D. Grant 1878

Rev. W.J. Quinsy 1883

Rev. A.J. Wilcox 1887

Rev. M.H. Coleman 1889

Rev. J. R. Shaw 1892

Rev. W.C. Carr 1898

Rev. 0.J. Kingsbury 1903

Rev. D.E. Abrams 1906

Rev. E.C. Platner 1910

Rev. C.H. Merrill 1919

Rev. Charles E. Parker 1924

Rev. J. Raymond Mills 1932

Rev. F. Dean Banta 1942

Rev. B.G. Ham 1946

Rev. Herbert C. Johnson 1951

Rev. James Boersma 1967

Rev. Richard Blanc 1972

Rev. G. Victor Perry 1980

Rev. David E. Rowland 1985

Rev. Matthew G. Collins 1990

Dr. Douglas A. Blanc, Sr. 1999

Dr. Robert Phillips Current